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marksburg z 550 Tourism generated here after aristocrat travelers brought much attention to the area during the Romanticism period of the 19th century so that the location became known as the Romantic Rhine. The inspiration behind poems, painting, operas and legends, the Romantic Rhine today is a major tourist destination in Germany.

A journey through the Romantic Rhine presents splendid views of medieval castles perched on nearly every hillside. Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, these castles range from ruins to fortresses and majestic palaces. One of the most well-preserved is the Marksburg Castle while other significant ones include Stolzenfels, Pfalzgrafenstein, the Electoral Palace and the Stahleck Castle, which offers overnight accommodation.

Bathed in color and history, the charming villages along the Rhine Gorge provide excellent sightseeing opportunities as well as cafes, shops and hotels. The town of Bacharach is particularly beautiful in its setting of half-timbered buildings, cobblestone streets and terraced vineyards.

The region’s most famous natural attraction is the Lorelei, the deepest and most narrow section of the Rhine Gorge, which features a large, treacherous rock that caused several boating accidents prior to the 19th century. Because of its unique echo, the rock inspired a legend that claims a beautiful siren sat upon the summit, luring sailors to their deaths.

The best way to experience the Romantic Rhine is by a riverboat cruise. However, there are also highways and trains that run along both sides of the river. Additionally, tourists can explore the beautiful region by scenic walking trails and cycling routes.

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