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Mainau Island flower beds gravitat OFF Flickr The most popular excursion is to the Flower Island of Mainau, famous for its magnificent park and gardens surrounding the baroque family residence of Count Bernadotte. Discover an oasis of natural beauty, harmony and relaxation.

Also on Lake Constance is the Monastic Island of Reichenau, which documents the religious and cultural role played by the large Benedictine abbey in the Middle Ages and has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2000. The three well-preserved Romanesque churches on the island are notable examples of monastic architecture.

Another site is the open-air museum of prehistoric pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen. The 23 reconstructed houses on stilts make this lost legacy of mankind visible again and immerse you in the world of the Bronze and Neolithic ages.

Not far from the pile dwellings is Meersburg Castle, which offers glorious views of the lake and is the oldest castle in Germany to still function as a private residence. Its castle kitchen, armoury and banqueting hall take you back to a bygone era.

Beyond the famous entrance to Lindau harbour, with the statue of the Bavarian lion and the white lighthouse, you can see the breathtaking panorama of the Alps and Lake Constance against a backdrop of verdant countryside.

Late summer announces itself with the last warm sunrays and the first colored leaves on the island. Also the dahlia show, at its best in September, ignites a true firework of blossoms: Look forward to a 2.400 square meter sea of flowers with more than 12.000 dahlias. From the over 270 varieties of dahlias you can choose the most beautiful that will be awarded with the title "Mainau Queen of Dahlias".

Enjoy late summer on Mainau Island, we are looking forward to your visit!

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