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Telemetry CPK - Cost per Km

It is also important to know the CPK when buying a new vehicleA few important factors to look at is:

1) Price of the vehilce
2) Finance charges
3) Insurance on the vehicle
4) Fuel consumption
5) Cost of tyres
6) General maintenance
7) Driver style and behavior
8) Tracking device for security and general monitor and driving

Fleet owners and transport companies usually understand Fleet Management as a telemetry tracking system, which services are advertised as a fully fledged Fleet Management Solution. Telemetry tracking systems are merely position, movement, distance and mapping data with optional alarm and engine monitoring.Fleet Management are MUCH more than just financial control and telemetry or tracking! Fleet Connect is a comprehensive Fleet Management System which views each mobile asset as an SBU (Small Business Unit) with its own balance sheet within the larger fleet of the organisation.