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high macan turbo performance package 2016 porsche ag 1Equipped with the Performance Package, Porsche claims the Macan Turbo can hit 62mph from a standstill in 4.4 seconds – 0.4 seconds faster than a standard Macan Turbo - and hit a top speed of 169mph, which is a 4mph increase. Depending on tyre size, Porsche claims combined fuel consumption of up to 30.1mpg.

The Performance Package also brings a newly developed and more powerful braking system to the Macan, its front discs are 30mm larger in diameter, while lowered suspension and controlled sports chassis also feature. Porsche also throws in the sports exhaust and Sport Chrono Pack as standard with the Performance Package.

Exterior design
The face of every model in the Macan range lays bare the dominant sporty genes of their hereditary line. Markers include the characteristic headlights, which are recessed in the bonnet. The large, imposing air intakes of the front apron are just waiting to inhale life. Every single second.
The bonnet stretches through to the wheel arches. This lends the front a broad and powerful presence and reminds us of the legendary Porsche 917, which won countless victories in the early 1970s – including at 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it held the distance record for 39 years.
The side profile is typically Porsche. From this angle, every muscle appears flexed – like a predator ready to pounce. The roof line slopes distinctively down towards the rear, drawing the customary sports car contour that promises excellent aerodynamics. Our designers call it the Porsche flyline.
A visual highlight of the Macan is the sideblades. Not only do they set a sporty accent, their design pays homage to the 918 Spyder. They make the proportions of the doors appear narrower and the flanks seem much sleeker and sportier. Sideblades are available with a paint finish in matt black, Lava Black, in the exterior colour of the vehicle or – for a particularly exclusive statement – in carbon. A black (high-gloss) finish is reserved exclusively for the Turbo exterior package.
In sizes of up to 21 inches, the wheels of the Macan are equally eye-catching. The particular Macan model that you see before you is recognisable by its brake calipers: black on the Macan, silver-coloured on the S variants and red on the GTS and Turbo. Typically Porsche.
The classic Porsche sports car design reveals itself at the rear: slender at the top, widening into broad shoulders above the rear wheels – a homage to the 911. The styling of the rear hatch gives the rear end a particularly harmonious form. For convenience, the rear hatch on all Macan models is equipped with an automatic powerlift function. The slimline LED taillights have three-dimensional proportions, which gives them an extraordinary appearance of depth – and captures your attention. The overall effect is to make the Macan look low, wide and thus intimate with the road – like any genuine Porsche. After all, a muscle-toned body is meant to be admired from the rear as well as the front.high macan turbo performance package 2016 porsche ag 2



Interior design
As a creator of sports cars, we know that driver and car must form a single entity. As such, you do not simply sit in the Macan – the ergonomic architecture integrates you into the vehicle.

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Macan concept
Those who prefer to blaze a trail of their own don’t need to follow the lead of others. We’re thinking specifically about cars known as compact SUVs, characterised by five doors, five seats, all-wheel drive – and, of course, a higher sitting position. But aren’t they lacking a certain something?
Something that adds a little life, lets us enjoy a more intimate relationship with the road and delivers intense driving pleasure. A concept that boasts plenty of space for hobbies, leisure and sport. But no room for compromise. Compact, concentrated and intensive, but still powerful. Practical, but never ordinary.
It is by these standards that we created the Macan, and saw it emerge with five distinct guises. Each one a sports car. Each one unmistakable in its own segment. Each one a genuine Porsche – from design and driving dynamics to equipment specification. From our dynamic entrylevel model to the ultra sporty S variant and the uprated GTS model, and from the efficient diesel-engined marathon runner to the Turbo, which sets performance standards in its vehicle class.
All Macan models were developed, tested and built in keeping with the Porsche philosophy. That’s where we take sporty style and performance from the racetrack and inject it into everyday driving. We make it as efficient as possible – and, of course, just as safe and comfortable.
No efforts were spared until our engineers achieved their overriding development objective: the first sports car among compact SUVs.
The Macan – built for an intensive life in which the thirst for experience and thrills and spills are ever-present, and in which new challenges are a permanent driving force. Built for a life that refuses to be hemmed in by conventions and feels all the more authentic for it. Direct and intimate.
A sports car that gives us what we’re looking for, even in our everyday life: that feeling of being alive.

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Drive concept:
3.6-litre twin-turbo V6 engine
294 kW (400 hp) at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 550 Nm at 1,350–4,500 rpm
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 4.8 secs
Top speed: 266 km/h
Direct fuel injection (DFI)
VarioCam Plus
Auto start/stop function