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Background Introducing BClassGroundbreaking safety with technology to match.
Like any Mercedes-Benz, the B-Class F-CELL comes with a full suite of safety features such as Electronic Stability Control and ABS with Brake Assist, plus eight airbags and 24-hour roadside assistance.

A comfortable application of disruptive technology.
The B-Class F-CELL is a milestone in the evolution of the automobile, but it's still a Mercedes-Benz. That means world-class comfort and craftsmanship, along with technology and a commitment to the best or nothing.

The B-Class F-CELL
Pilot Program
The true test is the real world.
Regardless of how much time we've spent testing it, the ultimate trial of the B-Class F-CELL is how it performs in the real world. And along with a select group of Mercedes-Benz customers, that's exactly what we're doing right now on the streets of the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.



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 Protecting the earth begins long before a new Mercedes-Benz hits the road. The 1991 S-Class was the world's first CFC-free vehicle, not just in its air conditioning but in its entire production process. Our interiors have long used steam-expanded foam, sustainably forested wood, and natural products from coconut, flax, hemp and even olives. We've used water-borne paint, and coded plastic parts for recycling, for decades. Mercedes-Benz is also legendary for making cars of exceptional durability. After all, it takes about the same energy to build a car that lasts as one that won't.

Around the world
Mercedes-Benz and its parent Daimler continue to evolve a sensible roadmap for sustainability not just in the U.S., but also across the globe. Half of the patents earned in 2010 were for green technologies. We have the most hybrid vehicles (buses, vans and cars) on the road. Our fuel-cell vehicles have traveled some 2.8 million miles. We have four electric vehicles in production internationally, with 5,000 units in use. And BlueTEC is rated #1 in CO2 emissions in Germany's luxury class.[*4]