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NitrogenWhy use Nitrogen?

Tyres' run 10-15% cooler
Nitrogen is a pure, inert gas and does not retain heat. Cooler tyres last LONGER and are SAFER.
Tyres' pressures are 3-4 time better
Nitrogen is the slowest migrating gas through a tyre. Tyre's pressure should remain constant, so don't worrying about topping up.
Tyres' life can be extended by 20% or more
Because of cooler tyres at the correct pressure, you will get maximum life out of your tyres.

Your vehicle's tires not only hold the weight of your car, but also the safety of you and your family. This graphic gives you all the information you need for caring for your tires and knowing when it's time to replace them.

Maintaining proper tire inflation will give you better gas mileage and lower the chance of a tire-related accident. This graphic from shows you how to check your tire tread regularly with a quarter and penny. It also explains when you should have your tires rotated, how to read your tire's sidewall, where to check for proper tire pressure, and explains the signs of tire wear and tear not related to tread life. Be sure to take care of your tires and they'll take care of you.

Everything You Need to Know About Tire Safety In One Handy Graphic