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ere are the most important rules for driving in Germany:

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An environmental badge is compulsory for vehicles driving within Environmental Green Zones (Umweltzonen)
It is illegal to drive while wearing headphones (Kopfhörer)
Mobile cellular telephones may only be used with a "handsfree" system. Using a handheld mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle or bicycle is punishable with a fine and (if applicable) points on the driving licence

A note for pedestrians: It is illegal to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing when the light is on red and the police will act if they witness this.


Legal driving age

The legal age for driving is 17 years

Following the introduction of legislation in early 2009 the legal age for driving was changed from 18 years to 17 years was adopted throughout Germany with Baden Wuerttemburg being the last state to pass it.

For the text of this new legislation:

At the age of 16 and a half a person may register with a driving school to do a Class B or BE-type driving license. Once the theory test has been passed, the driving test can be taken at the earliest one month following the 17th birthday. Passing this test results in a test certificate (Prüfbescheinigung) as opposed to a regular driving license (Führerschein) being issued. This document is only recognised in Germany new drivers may not use it when driving in other countries.

New drivers reaching the age of 18 have a maximum of three months to apply for (and collect) a full driving license. During this three month period the driver may continue to drive with the test certificate and is permitted to drive unaccompanied. However, drivers should still not drive abroad during this three month period since the test certificate will not necessarily be recognised by other countries.