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Agribusiness is all about profits, not your health. It is an industry that has developed a system of food production that's completely forgotten what food is all about: nutrition and health — not to mention taste.


Komplexität ist das, was einen großartigen Wein im Kern ausmacht. Es ist wahrhaft faszinierend, wenn alles zusammenpasst wie Teile eines komplizierten Puzzles und jeder Schluck einem etwas Neues verrät.

howtoexplainyourspiritualityIt's sometimes easy to forget that everyone and everything in creation is connected by a spiritual web. Everyone has a spark of Light, deep within, waiting to be fanned by the flame of spiritual awakening.

Breast-Implants-Holder1hey do not last. They rupture. And the longer they're in the body the more likely they are to rupture. The statistics are kind of scary, because around about 50 percent are ruptured by 10 years. And when it gets to 15 to 20 years you're looking at almost 90 percent of implants that are ruptured.