shagrugs 2 1 1  These shag area rugs are light-years ahead of what you may think of as typical drab and dated shag carpeting. Our shag area rugs are beautifully made with quality materials. Whether you are looking for a synthetic shag rug, wool shag rug or hand-tufted acrylic shag area rugs, we have you covered.

Synthetic Shag Rugs

Our synthetic shag rugs are made from a 60/40 polyester and cotton blend. They are extra plush and beautifully crafted. Our Bohemian shag rug comes in dark brown and its hand-knotted design is easy to take care of and soft to the touch. These shag area rugs are the perfect addition to a room that you want to create added warmth.

Acrylic Shag Rugs

Our acrylic shag rugs are made with high quality acrylic yarn that are not only plush and soft, but add an element of modern comfort to any home. Our Euro Shag Rug line includes a variety of color options from black shag rugs, to camel shag rugs and even off white shag rugs. No matter which Euro shag rug option you choose, it will look and feel wonderful in your home.

Wool Shag Rugs

Natural Home Rugs' wool shag rugs are both eye catching and distinctive. These beautiful shag area rugs are made from a 50/50 wool-acrylic blend, hand-tufted and include faux suede backing. Because of the materials used, these shag rugs are more durable than typical cotton shag rugs and can be cleaned with a vacuum or by using a damp cloth. Our wool blend shag rugs come in white shag and tan shag.

Choosing Your Shag Rug

No matter which variety of shag rug you choose, you will be sure to add elegance and comfort into your home with a new shag rug. Children love the soft, fluffiness of a shag rug. They can often be found lying on the floor doing homework or listening to music, but parents will love shag area rugs because they are durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.

Each of Natural Home Rugs' shag rugs come with natural cotton backing. They are easy to clean by simply shaking out your shag rug to remove loose dirt. Then simply fluff. Cleaning has never been easier with a shag area rug. You can also use a vacuuming cleaner on your shag rug as long as don't have a beater bar on your vacuum. It's also good to avoid vacuum attachments with teeth or combs on your shag area rug.

If you have hardwood, stone or tile flooring, a beautiful white shag carpet or rug can really make your room stand out by giving it a modern, fun look. Or if you want a throwback to the 60's and 70's, choose the longer, shaggy rug style of the Bohemian. It's beyond groovy.

A rug pad is a great way to keep your shag rug in place on hardwood or tile floors. Our rug pads work on ceramic tiles, stone, marble, vinyl, hardwood and any other floor surface you want to soften up with a gorgeous shag area rug.

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